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Teeth - Mineral Procurement

Tissue for Discovery Tools and Lead Optimization: We specialize in procurement of human teeth and other surface delivery sites for your research requirements and according to your specifications.

Sourcing: We have tissue-access from varied source agencies.  Each “source entity” provides unique deliverables and diverse tissue opportunities (and constraints) with respect to procurement details.  Details include timeline, accessible tissue, serology, and research use-models.

Example tissues include wisdom teeth, wisdom teeth with roots, age and gender variables.

For Research Use Only.  Not approved for human or veterinary use, or for in vitro diagnostic procedures.

Safety. Treat cells, tissues, and organs as potentially infectious.

* Contact us for unique tissue needs.

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Teeth Mineral (1 wisdom tooth with root) Fixed - Human


Teeth Mineral (2 wisdom teeth with roots) Fixed - Human


Teeth Mineral (Search & Finders Fee) - Human