Skilled in Multi-Organ Devices for cells-in-system approaches. Network assemblies of linked 2D or 3D cell structures.
Create in vitro cell culture tools as system products. Single or multiple cell lineage communication. Lab-culture compatible while advancing fluid distributions.
Evaluate exposures including pharm/tox, envir/agri, chem/industrial, & cosmetic compounds.
Create Human Organ Systems on the benchtop for exposure ecosystems in controlled environments.
Produce tools for biomedical/envir & pharmaceutical applications. Exploit cell-culture platforms integratng cells, tissues, and organs in modifiable formats.
Focus is on creating predictive models of the body’s response to toxins, drugs, and medications.
Media formulations to Save Your Cells! Purify cell stocks and improve your organization’s cellular systems.
Media formulations to increase cell viability, quality of cell yield, and cell plateability. Simple 1-step centrifugation process prior to cell use.
1) Refine cells from recently processed tissue. 2) Improve upon thawed cryopreserved cells.
Device design services for Biotool Invention, Fabrication, and Mass Production. Engineering with Biology.
Manufacturing includes CAD design, prototyping, 3D printing, low volume molds, lab compatability, inert materials, mass production, & user efficacy.
Bio includes tissue procurement, cell development, bioreactor trials, & “single/multi organ” co-cultures.
Model the hepadnavirus life cycle. Human Hepatitis B virus models using Pekin Ducks for repeatable experiments.
Due to the narrow host range of HBV infecting humans, the closely related duck HBV (DHBV) provides a useful model, virus-host interactions, and antiviral strategies.
1) DHBV+ hepaptocytes. 2) Normal duck hepatocytes. 3) Other cell & tissue products.

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