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CAD Drawings

SciKon’s Tissue Engineering Group takes advantage of computer aid design (CAD) models


Advantage: We have the expertise and broad networks to assist in CAD

• Translate your ideas into CAD software
• CAD is used to electronically develop your design
• CAD is a necessary prerequisite for prototyping
• CAD provides virtual opportunities to change and advance design parameters

Features and Benefits

• SciKon has collaborative teams of CAD developers
• CAD can provide 2D or 3D product overviews
• CAD images are effective in publications, marketing, and as product-use manuals
• CAD is a virtual tool used to replace, adjust, or highlight unassembled or assembled parts


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Computer Aid Design (CAD) Services; hourly rate


Example 1: CAD cost to formulate 24-well culture plate for prototyping


Example 2: CAD cost to formulate 24-well culture plate ready for final manufacture