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Custom Module Additions

Expandable, flexible, and universal biotools that allow simultaneous tissue function properties to be non-destructively and/or destructively measured.


• Product family designed with modularity to support end-user needs
• Opportunities to adjust flow rates
• Modify cell surfaces for unique tissue and cell types
• Adjust capillary channels for unique fluid flows
• Produce non-linear exposure gradients for better in vitro pharmacokinetics


• Pumpless capillary fluid flow in 96-well format
• Open well design to access media and cell samples
• Add matrices on 2D surfaces or using 3D scaffolds
• Culture biodevice with wells linked together
• Microfluidic channels and a syphon drive system
• Promote tempered flows of chemical concentrations
• Use cells of a single lineage or multiple lineages
• Affords user options to evaluate networked -cells, -tissue, and -environment relationships


• Watch our YouTube Video HERE
• We’re bringing micro-physiology to the masses

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Custom SciFlow-1000 Modular Additions