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Why the need – PHARMACEUTICALS:  The dearth of human safety and efficacy data for thousands of drugs is largely attributable to inadequate in vitro systems that are unable to accurately predict the effects of compound exposure on relevant human cells, tissues, and organs.  A clear need prevails for systems that can effectively evaluate more life-like environments for drug testing (SciFlow 1000).  These more life-like environments need to incorporate kinetic fluid exposures with realistic compound/metabolite ratios while having non-linear compound gradients and repeated exposures over time.

Why the need – COSMETICS: Legislative, social, and economic market forces are driving the need for pre-animal testing or alternatives to animal testing. The European Union, Australia, and India have enacted laws banning animal testing of cosmetics, with increasing pressure to ban animal experimentation altogether. Laws such as REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of Chemicals) in the EU and similar proposed legislation in Japan, Canada, Australia, and the US are seeking to increase safety testing of commercially used chemicals. Together these initiatives place additional legal and economic obligations on compound testing companies, leading them to seek more cost-effective and highly predictive alternatives to using animals in safety and toxicology testing.

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SciFlow-1000 Fluidic Culture System... Low Attachment Surfaces for 3D Cultures; pack of 5 systems (cat# AA-1-50LAS)


SciFlow-1000 Fluidic Culture System... Tissue Culture Plastic; pack of 5 systems (cat# AA-1-50)