Example Platforms & Fluidics Technology

Example Platforms & Fluidics Technology

Cell signaling is not static; your cell culture shouldn’t be either

Designing fluidics culture system in a simple to use, low cost format

SciFlow: Enabling Human Physiology at the Bench

Enables linked Human Physiology at the Bench

Creating Fluidic Culture Systems that connect wells together through capillary channels.  Users grow cells or tissues in 1-to-10 connected chambers enabling the ability to address paracrine cell signaling, drug-drug interactions, drug-toxicant interactions, toxicant-hormone interactions, and drug metabolism in a dynamic system without significant setup costs or new equipment.

SciFlow 2D SimulationGIFAnimation

Cells grown in each well produce secreted molecules (red). Drug or toxicant (blue) is applied in the source well and traverses across the row. Note the increase in purple color indicating mixing of cell secreted molecules with incoming drug and toxicant creating in vivo exposure dyanmics


• Designed as pumpless capillary fluid flow in 96-well format
• Formatted as 100% tissue culture treated polystyrene materials
• Open well design to access samples and add matrices and 3D scaffolds