Project Svc

Project Svc

Advancing research, design, development, and manufacture efforts. Expertise is traditional engineering with biologic cell, tissue, and organ inclusion. Our team is skilled in cellular manufacturing from intact organs (human and animal), cryopreservation and cell thawing technology, labware design for microfluidic devices, 2D & 3D cell culture creation, drug and compound exposures, and systems physiology that involves linked tissues phenotypes creating a diverse alignment of cells and organs.

Development activities include drug discovery, lead optimization, metabolism, and bioactivation.  By leveraging microfluidics with multi-system/organ 2D & 3D benchtop techniques, we rapidly allow you to identify potential issues with new or altered compounds that are being developed.

Two intrinsic examples:

1) Our lab resources include automated x,y,z high-throughput imagers and readers for 3D culture evaluations with concurrent fluid flow analysis. 

2) Our exclusive microfluidic background allows researchers to identify the difference between compound-related toxicity, metabolite-related toxicity, and concurrently delivers key cell bioactivation data in both high-throughput and data-centric outcomes.