About Us


We are a Life-Science and Tissue-Engineering company. We are committed to being your research and business partner. We have built many relationships by crossing scientific boundaries, delivering quality products, and providing excellent customer care.

We are proud to present our products which encapsulate more than 25-years of direct healthcare experience, 20-years biomedical and tissue engineering experience, 16-years bioenvironmental health engineering to support workplace health vs toxic insults, over 15-years advanced human and animal biology-physiology practice, 12-years of human stem cell background.

Our interdisciplinary experiences are focused on bioengineered 2D and 3D environment-cell interactions. Our involvement includes human tissue procurement, primary cell development, bioreactor culture pharmaceutical trials, cryopreservation and cell thaw technology, and native “single organ” and “multi organ” in vitro co-culture systems.  Our platforms are directed to improve medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, and environmental biotools.

Our competitive advantage is merging engineering efforts with biology development.  Experience, diversity, merged technology, and persistence are keys to success.

Your feedback and your experience with our products are always appreciated and we welcome the opportunity to provide you with answers to any technical questions.