About Us

Research Pipeline

Our current research efforts include:

  • Merging engineered devices with living cells and tissue.
  • Fluidic designs of the vascular capillary system; cell support outside the body.
  • Primary human celluar systems using a organ-derived matrices.
  • Predictive modeling.

Our core competency is tissue engineering, pre-clinical pharmaceuticals, and pre-clinical medicine.  Our focus is interdisciplinary engineering with biological relevance.  The company’s goal is to generate a body’s response to disease by using human cells, tissues, and living organs that are restored within in vitro life-like environments.  For our customers, we provide both the engineered toolboxes and the cells as united system bioproducts (e.g. in vitro systems biology).   It is essential that innovative in vitro system’s biology technologies that can recapitulate systemic processing be devised to create models for pre-clinical discovery.

As a team, we have the ability to cross scientific boundaries while developing solutions to unsolved mysteries.